composition period 1 – evaluation

Listen to the root phrases and assign them preference points in the scale of 1 to 10 (bigger numbers represent higher preference). You are not allowed to give points to your own phrase (leave it 0). Deadline for submission is on Monday 9.9 at 23:59 in your local timezone.

war signals

The idea of the double articulation comes from finding a solid root for the expression of my own individual self through the existent database. I have primarily selected what was the most significant and vivid for myself in all the sound suggestions (at the very moment of working!!!) and have created my own self through a creation of a phrase, subjectively believed to be strong and unique in its language. I believe that reaching from a “unite” to creation of a “substance” of a serious value is quite significant in my work, as the texture and type of primarily material is very selective and reaches to a new order through reinterpretation of roots and experimentation in connecting the smallest particles into a bigger matter in this artwork. I took a point – a hit – a flash – to create an event of hits, flashes and explosions.


To compose the root gesture,I was browsing through the database,trying to search for 2 or 3 clips which can form a – to me – powerful combination. I wanted to find a combination which – by presenting a strong contrast – already opens up a large space (both in the physical and the musical sense of the word) yet to be filled with material later on.This can be seen as taking some fundamental building blocks (created by a previous first articulation) and “fusing” them into a new material,which is already a distinct musical gesture – a second articulation,possibly more “reactive” or dynamic if we refer to our geological/chemical metaphors from the concept. Throughout the phrase this gesture is repeated twice, finally leading to a new (third) type of sound. With this,the original gesture is yet again rearticulated to represent an effort,or a direction reaching a goal. To offer a metaphor, you can imagine a projectile reaching a surface only to ricochet into another direction,with each rebound accumulating energy, thus reaching further, ultimately bursting out to a completely new area.

pop population deconstructed textures

The idea with this opening and how I imagine it continuing is that eventually, later on in the piece, these pops and clicks give way to the emergence of the poem material. So if what we have here is more along the lines of ‘content’ (although it is perhaps a bit too gestural or rhetorical for that) then perhaps the poem becomes more of an ‘expression’: a second articulation where words and voices emerging out of the ashes of microsound. Given that the present texture is quite light and higher spectrum-oriented there is also room for more bass to come later.

moral aggregate

As per in “A Thousand Plateaus”, Strata, aka. the result of double articulation, where “molecules large and small (…) [are] organized into molar aggregates”. In musical terms, I superimposed a number of recordings, of long and short events from the database processed with incremental, spectrally-complementary band-pass filtering, creating a cumulative complex texture of sonic “molar aggregation”.

double articulation strata

I ate root phrase pulse particles expressed in various forms such as accelerations or pitch shifting gestures. The voice sounds lose their identity and become part of the same formation. Although very short, they absorb the focus of attention for a moment and release it back to the flow. Pitch and noise interplay creating quasi melodies with music box sounds and tone based pulses.