composition period 10 – evaluation

Listen to the branch phrases (root+branch1+branch2+branch3+branch4+branch5+branch6+branch7+branch8+branch9) and assign them preference points in the scale of 1 to 10 (bigger numbers represent higher preference). You are not allowed to give points to your own phrase (leave it 0). Deadline for submission is on Tuesday 12.11 at 23:59 in your local timezone. In the end you can find the reaper project files, in which you can find material for the subsequent branch phrases.

sorrento hotel

In this phrase I used a lot of materials from the generated tracks, including the entire Generated_9-2 with a few edits. I also, tried to continue the already established atmosphere and turn it into a bit more concrete. I am not sure if another climax is a good option for the rest 3 phrases, but it is possible.
returning via the frog pond

After the tumult of the previous sections, coming out at the other end, not in one piece, re-wiring, floating.

“Evanesce” features a gradual disassembling of the preceding phrase. It also uses material from “Generated Phrase 9-1”.
atomic implosion

This branch presents the evolution of the previous one. I have tried to avoid the “gap” between the branches, so the crescendo towards the final climax can remain unbroken. The phrase holds somehow grotesque shape, with laugh-like slides downwards, various tempos of voice exposition, and unevenly disposed hit-points.
approaching climax

This phrase is a fusion of the “expansion” and ” blast highly articulated help” phrases. It is slowly getting more intense in terms of the texture and dynamics, to prepare the ending of the piece.