composition period 2 – evaluation

Listen to the branch phrases (root+branch1) and assign them preference points in the scale of 1 to 10 (bigger numbers represent higher preference). You are not allowed to give points to your own phrase (leave it 0). Deadline for submission is on Tuesday 17.9 at 23:59 in your local timezone.

molecular variations

This phrase has a character of decomposition to emphasise the molecular level and a form of micro-articulation, which perhaps later could be reassembled into new molar macro-aggregates as more expressive gestures. Doing this, I want to create some range between content and expression. I use some of the material in the root phrase and parts of the poem. However, everything is intentionally rather atomised here, as a contrast to the root phrase which has a somewhat more orderly character.
schenkerian articulation

This branch phrase is a 30-seconds variation on the opening gesture in the original phrase, in combination with the “generated_1-6” phrase result of the Machine Learning algorithms. The latter works almost like a “harmonic pedal” of sorts, assuming a Schenkerian function of articulation between centers of sonic activity.
unspeakable stutter

I tried to continue a bit longer the first idea giving more emphasis to the interaction between voice and pulse/grains while maintaining the other layers (granulated glitch sounds, pitched sounds, etc.). I used a short section from the ML phrase #1-10 heavily edited at the end of my phrase. Although I have different scenarios on form and how the piece could develop, I would like to stay open to whatever comes from the other composers and the ML.
happiness interrupted interrupted happily

My branch phrase is a counter reaction to the root phrase, which invites into a discourse in strata. The idea of various musical oppositions articulating themselves through the time of a gesture come from the development thinking, so enlarging the primarily given “double articulation strata” into a multidimensional strata. In my suggestion, a tension brought to more dramatic harmonic cluster can lead to a release – or another narration, precisely articulated though, through the next evolving branch.

In this phrase I tried to reflect on the root phrase by using same kind of gestures and similar sound material. However, I also presented some new sound elements from the CECIA database, which can potentially evolve musically later on. I kept the level of intensity from the root phrase, but also introduced some pauses to let the piece “breathe”.