composition period 3 – evaluation

Listen to the branch phrases (root+branch1+branch2) and assign them preference points in the scale of 1 to 10 (bigger numbers represent higher preference). You are not allowed to give points to your own phrase (leave it 0). Deadline for submission is on Tuesday 24.9 at 23:59 in your local timezone. In the end you can find the reaper project files, in which you can find material for the subsequent branch phrases.


At this stage of the piece I could clearly see the need of introducing a new part where the general intensity of sound events drops down. Therefore I composed a soundscape that fills out the space and consists of reverberant sound material with less spatial movement and proximity as well as longer sounds, as a contrast to the previous phrases. I see this part as another layer to be used later in the piece.
order disorder

With phrase 3 I tried to bring the already established materials to a conclusion. By the end of the phrase I introduced a repetitive pulse with glitch qualities. This could create an interesting contrast to the granulated first section. Perhaps more repetitive pulse like sounds could develop further in the piece.
canonic assemblage

I built upon the compositional idea present of accumulation in the original phrase from seconds 18-28. In my branch phrase, I use three distinct canons that built tension towards a climactic point and ulterior release.
ecology of the machinic phylum

I wouldn’t call this a phrase, but rather a dense environment where incomplete sonic events from a wide array of origins cohabit and fertilise. The mechanic phylum drives processes of becoming: strange worlds may ensue.
wind in contrast

This branch is supposed to break the narration of two previous phrases and begin a development operating with a “longer breath” sentence, against the punctualistic motives, but still knitting their fragments in between the speech. Some of the ideas are taken from the generated 2.5, but not copied strictly. The generation was more of a guideline of how the next branch of composition can evolve toward different material presentation.