composition period 5 – evaluation

Listen to the branch phrases (root+branch1+branch2+branch3+branch4) and assign them preference points in the scale of 1 to 10 (bigger numbers represent higher preference). You are not allowed to give points to your own phrase (leave it 0). Deadline for submission is on Tuesday 8.10 at 23:59 in your local timezone. In the end you can find the reaper project files, in which you can find material for the subsequent branch phrases.

towards a climax

In this phrase I am introducing more tonal and sustain sound material to have a bit of a contrast with the granular textures we have been using throughout the piece. By increasing the dynamics and intensity, the phrase is slowly moving towards a climax of the composition
strata of the living dead

This part continues the texture the previous phrase but places more focus on the vocal material, and also voice-like features of other materials. There’s an increase in density, building towards a culmination.
stack overflow

This phrase continues on the previous ideas and introduces the element of repetition in fast glitch like sounds. This is also supported by other hi tones and beeps. While it continues to deal with some sort of micro-montage granular sound this phrase could work as an addition and a contrast to the established sound.

Following up on our discussion, I built upon one of the discarded phrases combined with ideas from the first and third branching phrases in order to create a substantial middle-piece climactic region.
knocking fate

This phase is supposed to slowly evolve from the material presented in two previous branches, towards a radical change – a voice exposition? Usage of the material not used before? Quality contrast? A usage of “beat” as a factor condensing the narration, puts more anxiety into this part, so it can be a good thing to use in continuation of music.