General Description

Collaborative Electroacoustic Composition with Intelligent Agents (CECIA) is an innovative art project that integrates the creative agency of 5 composers and Machine Learning algorithms in order to produce a coherent composition of electroacoustic music. Organized by ZKM within the framework of the »Interfaces« project, with the support of the Creative Europe program of the European Union, the project’s goal is to explore collaborative music creation, by connecting composers and Intelligent Agents through a cloud platform. With features such as constant web presence, transparent creative process and well-documented collaborative activity it aims to produce content with high artistic and research impact for musicians, composers and music enthusiasts.

Project outline and time-frame

The CECIA project will be structured in four stages:

  • Open call for electroacoustic composers willing to work collaboratively in the Cloud together with Intelligent Agents (February-March 2019).
  • Development of a cloud computing platform and the Intelligent Agents based on Machine Learning (March-July 2019).
  • Collaborative music creation process with the participation of the selected composers and the utilization of developed technologies (August-November 2019).
  • Presentation of the project and performance of the created electroacoustic composition in a event at the ZKM (December 2019).


The CECIA project will be conducted by the composer and sound artist Kosmas Giannoutakis, who will focus on the development of the cloud platform, and the composer, performer and researcher Artemi – Maria Gioti who brings an expertise in Machine Learning for music applications. The development period will begin in March 2019 and end in July 2019 with two artist residencies at the ZKM, where the researchers will finalize the technical details of the cloud computing platform and the Machine Learning algorithms. The five selected composers are Panayiotis Kokoras, Mariam Gviniashvili, Juan Carlos Vasquez, Martyna Kosecka and Erik Nyström, who will be able to work remotely via the cloud platform.